Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing trips can be booked annually Jan. 1st - March 31st.  Ice conditions are often thin (yet safe) in both the beginning and end of the season.  If you book a trip very early or very late in the season, be prepared to be flexible if conditions are what we deem to be unsafe.  

The Belgrade Lakes region in central Maine is our primary territory.  Andrew grew up in Rome in the heart of the area and has spent his entire life on the the Belgrade Lakes chain.  What used to be a trophy Salmon and Brook Trout fishery has morphed over his lifetime into a trophy Pike fishery and they are the target species.  Pike over 20lbs are not uncommon, with 8-12lb fish being a regular occurrence.  We enjoy fishing light leaders with heavy bite guards which makes fighting and landing a trophy a true accomplishment.  Any flag, any day, on any trap (tip-up) could be the state exaggeration.

Propane heated ice shacks are provided along with ATV/Snowmobile transport.  Ice Augers, traps (tip-ups), terminal tackle, bait and high quality fare are also offered.  Ice fishing offers the best of all worlds: the ability to be in the Maine outdoors chasing trophy fish while being afforded the ability to get warm and well fed in one of our ice shacks.  These trips are great fun and worthy of considering whether you're a rookie or a seasoned veteran; you will not be disappointed!